Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to add video content or a podcast to your business, Amanda can help! After nearly 7 years of working in social media, Amanda has learned a few tricks and would be happy to help you on your journey!



AmandaMuse is a lifestyle brand where discussions around being a woman, mother and human being are taking place at all times. Amanda is able to connect with brands and their products and create a seamless integration that benefits both parties. Amanda has built a community of people who support her messaging, and their experience is always top of mind. The integration must make sense for her community while meeting the needs of the brand. Campaigns are created for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, The Sandwich Podcast or a collection of all of the above.



Amanda is passionate about social media, and empowering women to follow their dreams and find ways to make it happen! She speaks at conferences and workshops throughout North America on content creation and social media. Since 2017, Amanda has spoken at Mom 2.0, Strut, Well Mama Project, The Influence Agency, Harbinger, The Female Rising Collective, and Blissdom Canada to name a few. In 2019, find Amanda at Mom 2.0 in Austin, and Flock Presents in Seattle. Amanda brings energy and optimism to her presentations and would be a wonderful addition to your event to discuss video content creation, algorithms, tech, Instagram strategy along with all things podcasting, brand integration and monetization.